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TAMBO TALK is a 30-minute Facebook content chat show series hosted by Sony Music recording artist Mitch Tambo.

The series features some of the nation’s most fascinating people ranging from high profile celebrities - amazing people on the ground doing incredible things to uplift and empower the community. TAMBO TALK was launched in 2020 in order to connect with people during COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions. Since the launch of Tambo Talk It has been very widely received having thousands of people tuning in each week. Whilst engaging in a whole lot of fun with guests, the show also aims to tackle important issues such as empowering youth, supporting First Nations culture, exploring diversity and mental health issues and recently opening up the conversation around combating Domestic Violence. 

Watch TAMBO TALK Series 3:

Featured Segments

- Rapid Fire Questions
- A quick mission around the house
- A crash course in language where Mitch teaches the guest some of his Gamilaraay Language

Always ending the show with the declaration ‘Open Up My Heart, Set My Spirit Free, With Love' to which each guest will say and then deliver an empowering message for whoever may be tuned in.

Media Coverage

Previous Guests

Tambo Talk Media

Casey Donovan, Larry Emdur, BARKAA, L-FRESH, Jessica Rowe, Julia Zemiro, Lucy Durack, Ash London, Natalie Rize, Narelda Jacobs, Steve Pennells, Stan Walker, Jules Sebastian, Jus Hill, Dami Im, Johnny Manuel as well as community campaigners,
Yong Deng, Deadly Ninja Warrior Jack Wilson, Matty Webb and Glenn Marsden from mental health awareness organisation Imperfectly Perfect

TAMBO TALK in 2022

Heading into 2022 off the back of phenomenal response, Mitch Tambo is aiming to deliver an episode of TAMBO TALK every week for the entire year kicking off in March 2022.

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